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Who we are

CMC Global Consulting is a UK based international business and trade consulting firm that specialises in helping companies to enter or expand into India, China and Europe in various industries and market sectors.

The firm has more than 135 years of cumulative business knowledge and expertise that spans various industries, market sectors and continents with a specialist focus on what we call ‘CEO agenda concerns.’

CMC’s highly qualified consultants provide seamless and comprehensive business services across India, China and Europe with professional expertise and full understanding of the regional business practices and bureaucracy, language, cultural and geographical complexities of the each region.

80% of CMC’s international team of professional consultants are multi-lingual with dual citizenships, enabling them to move freely across borders on behalf of clients as they are not restricted by usual travel visas. No delays and nothing lost in translation.

Over the years the professional team at CMC have built key alliances with top local businesses, high ranking bureaucratic and government officials and an extensive network of esteemed political decision makers.

No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results.

What we do

We assist companies and clients from all parts of the Globe in whatever capacity we believe will be most useful and critical to their success; focussing on what we call “CEO‑agenda concerns.”

A service list that ranges from acting as trusted advisors and front line personal representation in India, China and Europe to providing in-house business and operational management, to overseas negotiation services, supplier liaison and operational and business strategies.

CMC’s team of professional consultants deliver world-class service working with senior executives to help them solve their toughest and most complex problems by bringing an executable strategy that combines deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis and pragmatic solutions and insight to enable confident action to produce practical, high-impact results for clients.

Our client engagements span across a broad range of industries, market sectors and project duration. Some of our clients choose to hold our services on a longer-term retainer basis because they know we have harnessed the cumulative expertise of our entire team to build a set of processes and systems that we utilise everyday to improve business performance for our clients.

We offer a bespoke ‘concierge style’ package of consultancy services; selectively tailored to fulfil your company business requirements.

Our goal is to always meet the expectations and needs of our clients, while offering high quality independent services.

We offer the knowledge, insight and guidance that our clients need to move forward with confidence when doing business in India, China and Europe.

Our people

Our team of professional consultants have over 135 years of cumulative business knowledge and expertise spanning various industries, market sectors and continents and 80% of CMC’s international team of professional consultants are multi-lingual with dual citizenships.

Our consultants are able to move freely and engage in business in India, China and Europe on behalf of clients to provide a seamless service, even at short notice as they are not restricted by travel visas.

CMC’s highly qualified and experienced consultants use primary and secondary research to generate insights that are customised to each client's unique situation. Whether entering a new market, looking to build business ties, improving competitiveness, building and renewing capabilities, or restructuring operations, our team of professional consultants support and enable a wide range of strategic decisions.

When you engage the independent services of CMC, we assemble a team with the relevant experience and expertise with local knowledge, to deliver success for our clients.

Our bespoke ‘concierge style’ consultancy services are available to our clients 24/7.

Our core values

CMC’s corporate culture is characterised by clear responsibility, mutual respect and building a relationship of trust for the long‑term with every client.

Our primary goal is to avoid risks which could jeopardise the trust of our customers and business partners.

We always build a relationship of trust for the long-term with every client and our clients know that we put their interests first on every occasion and do not publicise their details.

  • We protect client confidences.
  • We don’t publicise the work we do for our clients.
  • We will only take on an engagement if we believe our involvement can create substantial value and gains for the client.
  • We maintain open, honest dialogue and offer our independent perspective at all times.

In addition to our company core values, CMC includes requirements and expectations concerning the following issues:

  • Compliance with laws and internal regulations.
  • Appropriate conduct within the Company and in dealings with government officials, business partners and clients.

Our values and codes of conduct and ethics applies to all CMC directors, officers, and employees of the company and are designed to help each employee handle business situations professionally and fairly.

Our Founder and CEO

Vivek Lutha

Vivek Luthra MA (Econ)

Vivek Luthra is the Founder and CEO of CMC Global Consulting Ltd. He is an accomplished and award winning UK businessman, with a history of successfully running his own businesses in both the International Textile Industry and Food Retail Industry over the past 25 years, having received multiple awards for his excellent business achievements.

In 2003, the UK Department for International Trade awarded Vivek in recognition of his expanding International business within the Textile industry and the ATCO Group Canada sponsored Vivek as a UK Businessman, to explore business opportunities in North America. In 2009, Vivek was awarded National Champion Award within the UK Food Retail industry.

Over the years, his business dealings have taken him throughout India and across all China provinces, Hong Kong and the Far East, Europe and various other parts of the Globe.

Dozens of companies have sought Vivek’s advice on their global expansion, covering aspects of procurement and outsourcing strategies, manufacturing operations and over-seas business trade relationships.

Vivek’s strong alliance with many esteemed business leaders, government officials and political decision makers spans several continents.

Vivek is fluent in four languages and holds a Masters Degree in Economics and is also a Business Management and Marketing Scholar from Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Our Consultants are members of the following Institutes: This gives you the assurance that our consultants maintain high professional standards and adhere to the Institute Code of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines
IOE International Trade The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Institute of Consulting